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100crackfics's Journal

100 Crackfics
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Tired of angst? This is the place for silly, pervy, improbable cracktastic fun!

Step One: You will need to join the community in order to post. Then make your claim. You can pick anything, from anywhere: a show, a movie, a book, a group, a pairing, a character, a location. RPS and slash are welcome. Rare pairings are encouraged – especially improbable crossovers. To claim, go here.
When your claim is approved, post your table to your LJ, give me the link here and go to it!

Step Two:
Write one hundred fanfics centered around your claim, based on this cracktastic table. I would prefer you to write new ones (that’s the point, isn’t it?) but I’m not going to police it. Fictions, drabbles, poems, are all fine as long as they are cracky. You can do one at a time, or a couple, or a dozen. Don't forget to include spoiler and/or squick warnings. When you post your fics here, use this header:

Word Count:
Rating and Warnings:
(Link to my table)

If you would like the code to copy the table directly into your LJ, go here.

Need help to make it xtra cracky? Try these:
The Pornocopia (Thanks, E_House!)
The Seventh Sanctum Generators
The Random Word Generator

When you have finished the challenge, post here.


What is crackfic, anyway?
The term was originally used to describe fanfic so bizarre that the author must have been on drugs while writing it. This is open to many interpretations – your mileage may vary. It should be fanfic so twisted, improbable, out-of-character or off-the-wall humorous that the universe implodes and small green men cheer from their homes amidst the cabbages. It differs from alternate universe (AU) and crossover fics in that those genres operate under certain rules of plausibility. In crackfic, all bets are off.

How many people to a claim?
No limit. Why stress over it? If the universe wants more Buffy/HP, share the lurrve! If anyone else wants to slash Avon - hell, I want to read it!

Is there an age limit?
Afraid so - must be over 18. There's a reason why "dirty" and "old" are often syonymous. I don't want to have to censor any potentially raunchy fun.

Are there any deadlines?
Nope. Don’t you have enough stress as it is?

Are original characters allowed?
Not in your claim, but perfectly OK in the stories.

If I pick a pairing, does every fic have to have that pairing in it?
That’s what a pairing is all about, isn’t it? If you would rather have more freedom, you may pair your claimed character with a particular non-claimed character as often as you like. Also, your pairing doesn’t have to be romantic – it can be friends, enemies etc.

If I pick general series, can I use characters the have been picked by other people?
Certainly. You can use any characters from any series you like – this is crackfic!

What ratings are allowed?
You may use ratings from G to NC-17 in your header. Personally, I have no idea where to draw the line. I prefer specific warnings like explicit, implied, slash, gen, het, bdsm, squick, violence etc. Just warn us if something might freak us out.

What is the minimum word count?
One hundred words.

How ‘bout maximum?
No limit, but if it’s longer than 200, please use an lj-cut.

Are fake cuts okay?
I encourage them, especially with long stories.

How many claims can I have?
Three at a time.

What is the policy on AU? What about crossovers?
Encouraged. This is crackfic!!!

Do we have to post them in order?

Does the prompt have to be in the fic?
Not exactly, but it should at least seem clear how the prompt relates to the fic.

Can I use more than one prompt in one fic?
No. You have to write 100 different fics. Stop being so lazy!

Can I use this fic for other challenges?
Sure – it’s your baby.