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Balls of Steel, by coldqueen [Feb. 22nd, 2007|06:16 pm]
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Title: Balls of Steel
Author: cold_queen_5
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Claim: Elizabeth/Ronon
Prompt: Humiliating Secret
Word Count: (I don't DO word count)
Synopsis: Ronon accidentally discovers something...odd...about Elizabeth.

Look at my TABLE!!!

Ronon Dex was a man of few words.

As such, when he went to the Atlantean leader's quarters, sent there by Colonel Sheppard to inform her of the arrival of off-world teams, he thought little of simply walking in unannounced. After all, it's what he did when he went to Sheppard or Teyla's quarters. They're all friends, right?

What he saw there disturbed him greatly.

Ronon was a manly man, one not overly concerned with his emotions or those of others. After that day, he found himself increasingly aware of everyone around him, and just what they were thinking. Did Elizabeth and her secret affect him? Did the others somehow see how he'd become twisted by his attraction?

He hoped they did not.

However, even in sleep he could not escape the memories.

It always started at her doo, an innocuous door matched by every other door. He could see his hand rising, knocking on the frame. There was no answer, and since he was aware that she was inside, a worrying thought sneaked into his usually at ease mind. What if there was an intruder? Or if she'd hurt herself? Or if she was waiting for him to enter to take him like a randy beast and to make her scream?

It was the last thought that had him reaching for the cue to open the door. Inside, dark and doomy-like, her quarters took on a sinister flavor, whether it was a creation of his dream, or actually had been that way, he didn't know.

Dream Ronon stepped through the door, immediately noticing the steam rolling out from the bathroom's open door. His mouth salivating at the images of a slick and lithe Elizabeth writhing in his arms, he walked to the door, opening his mouth to warn her of his arrival (he was a gentleman sorta).

He was in the doorway, words coming from his mouth but he couldn't see. She was there, naked and glistening, and he was horrified by the sight. His mouth hung agape, his eyes wide, and shock made it impossible for him to move for almost a minute. She, as well, couldn't move, more from surprise than horror. No, the horror would come later.

"Ronon?" She gasped as she grabbed her towel.

"Uh..." and he turned and walked away quickly, his movements jerky as he tried to hurry.

He ignored her pleas that followed him.

"Please, Ronon, let's talk about this! I can explain!"

He had no interest in her explanations, for the situation was entirely too clear.

Why, oh why, had he never noticed that Dr. Weir had an Adam's Apple?


[User Picture]From: firefly9645
2007-02-23 10:42 pm (UTC)

Balls of Steel?

You are SO cruel. I may never be able to write any serious ROZ smut again.

Robin Williams!

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[User Picture]From: cold_queen_5
2007-02-24 02:50 pm (UTC)

Buns of Steel

No, but seriously, I was sitting here, and I'm like...What's a humiliating secret ROnon or Liz might have?

And this just popped into my head.

ROFL. YES!!! HA! I'm glad I affect you so greatly. ROBIN!!!
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